5. MR Image Co-Registration (minc/MRIcron)

Post date: Jul 18, 2012 2:28:16 AM

1. Download and Install the MINC software

2. Download and Install MRIcron

3. Convert from dcm to minc

dcm2mnc source_directory.dcm destination.mnc

4. Generate transform relative to the desired reference brain (e.g. t1w_tal_lin)

mritotal -modeldir /usr/local/bic/share/mni_autoreg/ -model average305_t1_tal_lin

source.mnc transform.xfm

5. Resample the volume based on the transform generate in step 4 above

mincresample -tfm_input_sampling -transformation align.xfm source.mnc resampled.mnc

6. Convert from mnc to nii format

7. Open each file in GUI MRIcron

mnc2nii source.mnc destination.nii