Radio-Immuno-therapy Blog

You will find here a list of important discoveries in the field of radio-immunotherapy with appropriate references and key statements by the authors.

Bertho JM et al from the group Gourmelon published a paper title "Level of Flt3-ligand in plasma: a possible new bio-indicator for radiation-induced aplasia" in the International Journal of Radiation Biology.


Zebertavage LK et al from the group of Michale Gough published a paper in Scientific Reports titled "Transcriptional Upregulation of NLRC5 by Radiation Drives STING- and Interferon-Independent MHC-I Expression on Cancer Cells and Cell Cytotoxicity".


Nambiar DK et al from the group of Quynh Thu Le published the paper "Galectin-1–driven T cell exclusion in the tumor endothelium promotes immunotherapy resistance". Their research, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation showed the....

CD8 T cells and HPV after CRT

CD8+ tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes in relation to HPV status and clinical outcome in patients with head and neck cancer after postoperative chemoradiotherapy: A multicentre study of the German cancer consortium radiation oncology group (DKTK-ROG)

Immune Infiltration after RT

Cellular Composition and Contribution of Tertiary Lymphoid Structures to Tumor Immune Infiltration and Modulation by Radiation Therapy

Radiosensitivity of Treg Cells

Different radiosensitivity of CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells and effector T cells to low dose gamma irradiation in vitro

Abscopal Effect

Ionizing radiation inhibition of distant untreated tumors (abscopal effect) is immune mediated

Anti-PD-L1 and RT

Irradiation and anti-PD-L1 treatment synergistically promote antitumor immunity in mice

Fractionated RT and Antitumor Immunity

Fractionated Radiation Therapy Stimulates Antitumor Immunity Mediated by Both Resident and Infiltrating Polyclonal T-cell Populations when Combined with PD-1 Blockade